Our Utility NFT (uNFT) serves as the central gateway to the Coinratecap token minting app and the entire ecosystem, providing users with access to an array of vital features and consistent reward. Only 5,000 uNFTS will be minted before our minting launch, each priced at just $30

By acquiring a uNFT, participants not only fuel innovation but also unlock an array of exclusive benefits and consistent rewardss.

Benefits of uNFT

    ✔️ 50% Share of token mnting withdrawal fees (Earn to infinity )

    50% of withdrawal fees paid by minters will be given to uNFT holders

    ✔️ 100% Voting Power

    ✔️ Automatic Whitelisting for presales and for exclusive future projects.

    ✔️ Revenue Sharing Priority:

    Holders of uNFT tokens are eligible to participate in revenue-sharing mechanisms, enabling them to earn rewards as the platform thrives.