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Our Utility NFT (uNFT) serves as the central gateway to the Coinratecap token minting app and the entire ecosystem, providing users with access to an array of vital features and consistent reward. Only 5,000 uNFTS will be minted before our minting launch, each priced at just $30

By acquiring a uNFT, participants not only fuel innovation but also unlock an array of exclusive benefits and consistent rewardss.

Benefits of uNFT

    ✔️ 50% Share of token mnting withdrawal fees (Earn to infinity )

    50% of withdrawal fees paid by minters will be given to uNFT holders

    ✔️ 100% Voting Power

    ✔️ Automatic Whitelisting for presales and for exclusive future projects.

    ✔️ Revenue Sharing Priority:

    Holders of uNFT tokens are eligible to participate in revenue-sharing mechanisms, enabling them to earn rewards as the platform thrives.




Coinratecap's token minting app rewards the community for active participation, and early adoption. All token minters will be airdropped a substantial amount of coinratecap token upon token launch. Even after token launch, the token minting , learn to earn and many other activities will remain functional.


Share to earn is a minimalistic socialFi where crypto projects listed on Coinratecap will reward the community who share the project on their Twitter. This reward will be paid in Coinratecap token.

How it works 📌

    ✔️We doxx some Projects like crypto listing, wallet and exchange before listing

    ✔️ Projects deposit min of $500 in coinratecap token to be in the pool

    ✔️ Community gets rewarded each time they tweet about the project.

    ✔️ Once funds finishes from that pool, it notifies the community

ROADMAP 2023 - 2024
  • Dapp

    ✔️ Coin /NFT Listing

    ✔️ Honeypot scan

    ✔️ Shield

  • uNFT

    - uNFT Launch

    - Community incentives

  • Token Minting

    - Token Minting Launch

    - Audit

    - Crypto staking

  • Token Launch

    - Coinmarketcap

    - Coingecko

    - Marketing

    - Exchange partnerships

    - DEX/CEX

  • Share To Earn

    Launch 🚀🚀


Coin/NFT listing/Coin Analystics

At Coinratecap, we support top 10 blockchains for coin listing. List on our platform and have your project reach a wider audience. Analyze any token in real-time to help you make investment decisions.


You can shield your wallet by revoking access to tokens/platforms that pose a risk.


Our advanced honeypot tool allows you to scan any contract address to detect potential exit scam.


Our uNFT gives you an avenue to earn while holding.

Token Minting

The more you mint, the more you earn points which will be converted to Coinratecap token.

Share to Earn

Consistently sharing or tweeting about projects on Coinratecap earns you points.


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