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Show a Proof of Trust and Transparency To Your community

We verify the genuity of a project through Know Your Customer (KYC) - a
process of identity verification of the project teams. For safety and trust,
Coinratecap verifies the identity of the project team members.

Request KYC

How It works

The Project core team will provide
us with their personal identification.

Coinratecap verifies the project and issue official certification.

If there's an act of rug-pull,scam, or honeypot, their identities will be revealed.

About Us

At Coinratecap we list and promote the latest cryptocurrency
and allow users to leave a rate.

We also provide tools and charts for your crypto analysis.

How We Work

Anyone can list new cryptocurrency projects by applying for listing.

Once successfully applied, coins get listed on Todays page,
you will require minimum of 300 votes to make it to the top list.

Update Coin

To upadate any information on any listed coin by you or company, please send us a mail.

For security reasons email must be the same as that which was used during registration or official email associated with site.

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