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Mentorship Program.

August 1st to 28thLocation: Virtual (zoom/Youtube)


Begins : 6th August

Ends : 28th August

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About The Programme

This year is yet another big opportunity for Africans to learn about Web3, blockchain and cryptocurrency. This mentorship programme will run for a period of one month. You will be surprised at what you can learn in one our month membership training program on blockchain and cryptocurrency. We have four fantastic sessions this month that you really don't want to miss. Get ready to rock when the next Bull market comes along. So, we're giving you an opportunity to make the best of this time.Did you know that the bear market is the best time to build your skills and learn more about all blockchain and cryptocurrency? Thatโ€™s why we are here to train you and to innovate.

What youโ€™ll learn:

What are Cryptocurrencies, how do they work, and how can you buy & sell them Everything from beginner to expert level in Crypto, so you can trade independently and with full success

  1. Learn how to read and analyse charts so you can predict future prices

  2. Learn how to study prices from the past to be able to anticipate the next move

  3. Blockchain, itโ€™s components, how it works, itโ€™s future and how you can use it to finding career opportunities.

  4. Learn how to set up your own Crypto Wallet for storing your coins safely

  5. Learn everything about NFTโ€™s including how to make, buy and sell them

  6. Learn how to use Crypto exchanges such as CEX and DEX

  7. Fundamental Analysis, finding top coins, knowing when to buy and when to sell

  8. Learn how to trade the news and understand Economic effects on Crypto

  9. Understand the risks involved, and the mistakes made by most first-time investors

  10. Learn how to manage your risks, control your losses and avoid scam coins

Meet The Speakers

Chuta Chemezie

BNUG Partner

Andrew Nevin

Chief Economist

Linda Obi


Faith T. OkaforMba


Favour Onyemachi

Crypto Analyst

Hashim Alawi

PGL Labs

John Aghaonu

Coderstech Academy

John Oseni

Ulterex Partner
Top 100 child Prodigies

Meet The Moderators

Francisca Nwafor


Perebo Adumo

Writer BlockchainAfrica

Samuel Olabisi

Writer Coinratecap


Starts on 6th Aug, 2022.

  • Week 01

  • Week 02

  • Week 03

  • Week 04

6th August : Sat

Time: 2:00pm

Duration: 30Mins


Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

a. What is Blockchain and its different types.
b. What is cryptocurrency and its underlying technology.
7th Aug :Sat

Time: 2:00pm

Duration: 30Mins


Continuation on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

c. Discuss and Difference between Bitcoin vs Altcoins.
d. Crypto currency investing and trading
e. What is a DAO and Why Pay Attention
7th Aug :Sun

Time: 2:00pm

Duration: 40Mins


Cryptocurrency Fundamentals.

a. Cryptography: Private Key/ Public Key.
b. Address generation / Multisig addresses
c. Wallets: Hot wallet, Cold wallet


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