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Francisca Olisakwe  


Web developer - Coinoplex exchange (Dubai)

Francisca Olisakwe is a voracious internet marketer, web developer, SEO analyst, cryptocurrency investor and researcher with many years experience in the field of Information Technology. Francisca is presently working for Coinoplex exchange (Dubai) and also a contributor in She has worked for many organizations both national and international and performed excellently in her profession.

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Dr. Andrew S. N


Dr. Andrew S. N is a leading global thinker, with over 30 years of professional experience as a strategy consultant, economist, line manager, failed entrepreneur and private equity investor, and in his professional career has lived in Asia, North America, and Europe. He has been based in Lagos, Nigeria since early 2012.

Today, his focus is on transforming the world's economy for the benefit of all. He does this in 3 ways:
As Co-Founder and Chief Economist of Binkabi (Binkabi). Binkabi is a Fintech start-up that reimagines global trade to create a more affluent and fairer system for all in the Binkabi network. Binkabi’s core innovation, the Barter Block, enables direct, secure and cost-effective physical commodity trading in a decentralised manner through the use of blockchain technology. Barter Block incentivises the automatic balancing of bilateral trade, empowering countries to trade internationally in their local currencies. The Binkabi name and logo is inspired by the West African symbol Bi Nka Bi for peace and harmony.

b. As Advisory Partner and Chief Economist at PwC Nigeria, Andrew plays his role in trying to create a strong and vibrant economy in the world's most dynamic continent. He serves numerous Nigerian and Global companies groups across a range of complex issues. and recently started helping Lagos (Africa's largest city and the largest city economy in Africa) improve its Ease of Doing Business, a critical challenge. As Chief Economist, he leads Nigeria's top economics team with a current focus on helping Nigeria improve its business environment to increase investment and inclusive growth. He is a frequent TV commentator and contributor to the print media.

Through his personal economics writing (nevinomics), which focuses on shifting our thinking from a GDP lens to a Flourishing lens. Andrew believes a Flourishing lens for policy thinking will lead to many more people doing well than with the current economic orthodoxy.



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