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The term green tech is otherwise known as 'clean tech' refers to technology that is said to be environmentally friendly based on its supply chain or production process. it is considered environmentally friendly because the energy production process is less harmful to the environment than the traditional ways of generating energy, such as burning fossil and so on.

So the question one may ask is, which country is actually utilizing the power of green tech?

Well, when it comes to fully embracing and implementing green tech, we need mention only one country - Iceland.  The Nordic country is the only nation on earth which obtains all of its energy from renewable sources.  By harnessing the natural energy of its unique landscape through an advanced system of geothermal and hydroelectric power plants, the country not only helps preserve our environment, but it's use of renewable energy, cuts out the need for fossil fuel imports saving the Icelandic Exchequer millions every year. 

Let's look at what experts think of what green tech is all about:

Green technology represents the future of the environment in which we live.  Apart from being important to us and future generations, investing in new protection and usability systems contributes to a better, cleaner, and healthier environment for everyone. 

1. Since the Japanese are known for their excellent technology this time they have been able to design a CO2 reduction system in more than 1,200 facilities by a factor of 13%, thus saving the atmosphere from 7 million tons of CO2. 

2. Denmark has set the goal of turning its entire agricultural production 100% organic and biodynamic by 2020. The state thus provides incentives for transforming the land and stimulates the increase in demand for organic products and the use of green tech. 

3. Sweden offers to fund for research and development of clean technologies. They're certainly impressive, as the waste energy they produce heats 80% of Swiss homes. 

These are just cursory examinations of some of the leading countries in green tech, the list includes but is not limited to Germany, US, Canada,  South Korea, and Ireland. 


Bryan Stoddard, 
Founder of CertaHosting for web 
hosting, hardware technology. 



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