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The launch of a Decentralized Identity Tool on Bitcoin Blockchain by Microsoft.

The first decentralized infrastructure implementation by a major tech company solely built on the Bitcoin Blockchain has been launched by Microsoft, a world-class tech company. It is an open source project called Ion, which handles the underlying mechanics' of how networks interact with each other.

An instance describing how the project works according to a tech reporter, Ann Leigh, “If you log onto Airbnb using Facebook, a protocol deals with the software that sends the personal information from your social profile to that external service provider. In this case, Ion handles the decentralized identifiers, which control the ability to prove you own the keys to this data.

In a report, a crypto veteran and the co-founder of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Christopher Allen has this to say on the new Tool launched: “A lot of enterprises infrastructures use Microsoft products,” Allen said. “So if they integrate this into any of their infrastructure products, they’ll have access to DID.” “To have Microsoft say they are not scared of bitcoin, and in fact, it has some very good properties and we are willing to take advantage of those properties are, I think, a step in the right direction.”


A program manager on Microsoft’s blockchain engineering team, Yorke Rhodes said in a report that Microsoft’s team had been working on a key signing and validation software that relies on public networks for a year. He stated that this software will function for the likes bitcoin or ethereum, but can handle far greater throughput than the underlying blockchain itself. Rhodes said this to emphasize Microsoft’s founding membership of the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DID) and added that such infrastructure products and services related to Microsoft’s most popular offerings like Azure:

There are systems that we have at Microsoft that give you permissions in an enterprise context, a product called Active Directory, that we think need to be able to recognize these DIDs as well.”

An unknown source tipped off that Facebook had been invited to participate in Microsoft’s DID projects and community efforts but turned down the invitation so far and steadily continued to follow its historic approach to user data. Of Facebook, the source said “They’re going in a different direction that’s not as decentralized,”


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Credits- Coindesk, Ann Leigh




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