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preCharge Blockchain & preCharge Utility Token- PCPi

Before the almighty Blockchain starts buzzing around, precharge has been around the globe providing merchants with ease of access in business dealings and risk management control system through the use of blockchain. Precharge has a core purpose of maximizing any type of online business order process efficiency and risk mitigation.

Precharge aim is to provide merchants with a platform for easy transaction of businesses online and offline.

PreCharge is the official service provider of the Certified Payments program and an active supporter in the war against fraud transaction. PreCharge control and maintains thousands of industry, banking and government relationships throughout the globe and has serviced thousands of merchants over the past 5 years. We have a solid foundation when it comes to maintaining customer care satisfaction because providing what best suitable for our users and solving their problems is our ultimate priority.

Through distributed blockchain technology, we provide solutions that are geared specifically to a merchant’s needs - ability to validate their identity & transact instantly, while still reacting to dynamic requirements quickly and efficiently, effectively utilizing our vast network of relationships and resources.

Since 2003, preCharge has been providing a means for merchants to capture billions of dollars in lost revenue and has provided the tools, resources and relationships necessary to do business in over 200 countries globally.





preCharge is a 15 years old fin-tech and global risk management company. Has helped many retailers in preventing fraud for years. Introducing its preCharge Ping-PCPi token on blockchain technology.

preCharge is hacker-resistant, quantum computer-proof, and will stand the test of time, but how?

Some of the awesome features are given below:-

-Free Debit Card (Can be used anywhere in the world)
-Free Token transfer instantly -

-supports thousands of transactions per second-

-No need to wait to receive bitcoin across preCharge wallets

-Ultra secure with 3-factor authentication
-supports most of the erc20 token, bitcoin, bitcoin fork etc
-Token can be transferred by email. No need to remember key
-No fear of losing anything
-10+ years of proprietary Block-chain technology

Don’t waste your time here and there. Just register your Free & Ultra Secure Crypto Wallet now to Buy the ICO.

Exchange rate: 100 PCPi = $1.00 USD
Minimum Sponsorship: $0.01 USD

Buy PCPi Tokens using #CreditCards , #PayPal#BTC and other #Cryptos.
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