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3 months ago

Open source website Receives 14 Bitcoins ($120,000) as an Anonymous Donation

An open source website, has received 14 bitcoins valued at $120,000. The donation came in anonymously and is now on record as the largest gifting to the website in history.


The website is now owned by the decentralized community of bitcoin enthusiasts but was originally set up by the inventor of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, and Martti Malmi, one of the first developers who helped to build it. The website lands visitors from search engines such as Google and is ranked as one of the top 24,000 sites globally. Reportedly they receive as much as 2.1 million visitors monthly.

 Cobra”, an anonymous co-owner of the site and Michael Marquardt—known as “Theymos” in the Cobra owned bitcointalk forum made this announcement. Via his twitter account Cobra on Tuesday the 28th of May he made this known to his followers. He stated in his tweet that the donation will be employed to the continuous advocate of the new era of money and it was indeed the largest donation anyone has gifted to the site. The tweet reads from @CobraBitcoin:

Thank you to whoever donated ~14 BTC to yesterday. We will use all of that money to continue to educate millions of people worldwide about Bitcoin. No other donation in this space will make as much of an impact as supporting the site that started it all.

In addition, Cobra noted donations will be injected specifically to further translate the Bitcoin whitepaper and create more contents such as videos and other media that will help to convey the message home to millions of people all over the world. An assurance to the general public or concerned parties were that these donations will keep the open-sourced website running continually in terms of maintenance and server costs which do not normally come free to operate.

This could just be a sign of a bitcoin enthusiast advocating for the new digital money that is not exactly accepted by all. Many understand bitcoin potential (and altcoins) and relevance, while even more in number are unaware or not in support. However, bitcoin enthusiasts are seemingly willing to go the distance just by this singular act.

The tweet which relayed this news was late in the evening of Tuesday and it indicated that the anonymous donation was made on the 27th, which was the children’s day celebration anniversary worldwide; what a day to give generously.


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