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Mastercard set to hire proffessionals to develop crypto wallet projects.


In it's  dogged efforts to develop cryptocurrency and wallet products, payments giant Mastercard  seeks to hire a number of blockchain professionals, including several senior roles for it’s project.

Citing the company's  career website, Mastercard is looking for a senior blockchain engineer and engineering lead, director for product development and innovation, vice president for product management and director of product management for cryptocurrency and wallets.
Other senior roles Mastercard is looking to fill includes: expertise in the blockchain tech, such as , vice president of network tech product management, director of payments platform and networks, senior analyst for strategic program management and others.

According to the description, The director of product management for cryptocurrency and wallets, will be expected to “lead the ideation, definition, design, and development of innovative crypto currency solutions, the person must have a good experience in this field. Also includes  wallet solutions.”
The wallet director takes charge charge of Mastercard’s patent portfolio and filing new patent applications. Along with the director for product development and innovation, vice president for product management included.

Meanwhile, the job description speaks of the crypto industry quite favorably, as the question goes for a potential candidate:
“Do you have the courage to look into the eyes of disruptive forces without fear, and maneuver them to your advantage?
Do you have the desire to work at the cutting-edge intersection of payments and crypto-currencies?
Do you have the ambition to build something which you can narrate to your grandchildren?”

If the answer is positive, then — Mastercard is the right place for such a candidate, the description suggests.
Within the spheres of  Mastercard itself , the new leadership team is further supposed to advocate blockchain concepts. 

They director’s and VP will need to “establish shared vision across the company by way of  influencing and building consensus among the various stakeholders, this ia according to the description of the positions.”

Mastercard is also a member of the Libra Association ,  an industry consortium seriously supporting the launch of Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency, Libra. 
Facebook itself is now  actively recruiting personnel for its native wallet, Calibra. Though during the House and Senate hearings in July he has pledged to allow free competition of wallets inside of the Libra ecosystem. 
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