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How close did we get to the Artificial Intelligence?

For many years now, artificial intelligence been the major foundation of technology. Almost everything we use virtually is artificial intelligence without us knowing this. Lets take for instance, google map has in-built artificial intelligence.

Question is what is really Artificial Intelligence (AI)?  How close did we get to the artificial intelligence?
According to Wikipedia, artificial intelligence also known as machine intelligence defines AI research as the study of "intelligent agents": any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals.

Lets look at few opinions from experts on what they think on how close we got to the use of artificial intelligence:

We got a lot closer than anyone knows.
It's just that the press keeps looking in the wrong place for the
breakthroughs as Google and IBM demonize us with deep learning and Watson, respectively. And they are the ones with deep pockets to spread the word

Stephen L. Thaler, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Imagination Engines, Inc.

We are very close giving it a score of 8 while 10 is the highest. Why 8 because we already have an AI everywhere, IoT, Google, Siri and the famous robot Sophia.
My guess is giving it another 10 year scientist can now perfect the AI, Sophia - a popular artificial intelligent can think and feel like human. I would say that singularity is now just around the

Ulysis Cababan

Artificial Intelligence is here and amongst us every day. In fact, most people carry it around in their pockets.
Yup!, it's called a cell phone. How much smarter have every day people become with their smart phone?
For instance; ask anyone what time it is in any city around the world? What will they do? Pick up their phone and google it.
Ask them how much 20 pounds is in kilograms. Voice search: hey google! how much is 20 lbs. in KG? The answer to almost every question is in the palm of everyone's hand.
Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Angelo Frisina

Regardless of the hype around AI today, it is not something new. AI has been with us for at least 50 years in one or another shape.
During this period AI techniques have significantly improved. For instance, recent news about how AlphaGo beat the world champion in Go and another AI from Google beat professional players in video games (Starcraft II). It proves that we are getting close to the better AI. I do believe that some particular uses of AI, especially in Computer Vision, will solve problems better than humans as an example in pneumonia detection challenge, AI achieved better detection rate then radiologists, but still, I think the real AI is decades away.”, says Vitalii Yuryev, Head of Research and Development Office at ELEKS.

Solomiya Yakymiv

There is one thing we are certain about that we might never know for sure If machines are ever able to achieve true awareness. What we also know that the mechanical brain is designed to memorize, not to predict. Predicting is the quality of the human brain only. What makes human beings highly in contrast to machines with AI, is the presence of sensory neural networks.
We are just this aspect close to Human-like AI experience. According to Technology Review, experts predict that in future there's a 50% chance that AI will be better than human at more or less everything.
Even Yann Lecum- Facebook’s head of AI- says robots are even behind rats. Makes me want to think that rats are actually pretty smart and also that we are nowhere near close.
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