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8 months ago

How Blockchain Will Transform Sports Bookmaking Industry Using Betlycoin



Basically Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger and a growing list of records called blocks which are secured using cryptography. Blockchain has been used to perform various smart contracts. Blockchain became popular due to rise and popularity of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain has changed the way we do sports bookmaking.  For instance, the use of betlycoin token has made sports bookmakers and lovers round the world to easily perform all their transactions using betlycoin.

Today, we will be discussing about a solid token called Betlycoin that was built on ethereum blockchain. It has great potential for sports lovers. It focuses on building a worldwide user base and ease of access in local platforms.

Solution → Betlycoin tend to solve the problems facing bookmakers and sports bookmaking sites with worldwide user base with no limitations.

Betlycoin tokens are decentralized utility ERC20 token based Ethereum blockchain with a total of 100million Betly.

Presently Betly is running an ICO which will end soon. Check out their ICO

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Canada         BetlyCoin LLC             Ethereum



How Blockchain will revolutionize business transaction



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