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Founder institute's Opportunity for Startups in Lagos.


Founder Institute (FI) is a business incubator founded in Palo Alto, California in 2009. It fosters entrepreneur training and aids the launch of startups. The SiliconValley based Institute maintains chapters in over 180 cities and over 65 different nations worldwide. Their program offers a four-month part-time schedule for new and early-stage entrepreneurs, it helps them develop their business ideas and form a company. Participants are expected to establish a fully operational company by the end of the four-month program. Over 3,500 companies have been created as at 2018, which raised a total of over $800M funding.

The FI has experienced quick growth and expansion which has resulted in a new outfit in Lagos which is presently recruiting for internship program. They are in the selection process and announced the new extension in Lagos as well as key partners coming on board. The institute describes its sought after candidates as an organised, Eloquent, English speaking individual proficient in written communication as well  who is  passionate about technology, and entrepreneurship in and around Lagos.

Application for the Lagos chapter runs till June 2nd, 2019. The schedule will include Hotseat Pitches, discussing and developing progress of startup ideas and outlining goals for monthly achieving. This 14-week, program will include weekly sessions of expert training and feedback as well as a series of challenging business-building assignments, office hours, group meetings, and partner discounts ensure progress on a weekly basis.

FI will bring huge benefits for successful applicants from a globally tested institute and hopefully the first internship selection of many more to come.

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