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Facebook Continues its Hiring spree for New Crypto Team; Finance Lead

Facebook has been on the recruitment phase from early in the year to fill up critical positions on its blockchain team and crypto team as well. Since March the social media giant has had over 20 career listings for its blockchain team and the team membership has since grown. Reports say the majority of these employees are from other Facebook product teams including Instagram and Messenger. Notable facebook external hires include Esohe Omoruyi who leads Facebook’s blockchain marketing efforts as its marketing director; formerly the SVP of Digital Services Product Development & Open Innovation at  L’Oréal executive. Konstantinos Chalkias, a  former lead cryptographer at enterprise blockchain firm R3, as its cryptography researcher. Facebook has over time made other hires in recent time that are not even from 'Silicon Valley' but have equalling exceptional expertise.

After the release of the white paper for its newly unveiled Libra cryptocurrency, Facebook is now looking to hire a finance program manager in blockchain, according to a new job posting. In the few specifics of the job description given, there is no mention of its relation to the Libra project. “This individual will be a key part of the Finance Project Management Organization and will be responsible for planning, leading and executing on global, cross-functional finance projects,the description says. Currently, Facebook’s career website has listed 26 blockchain-related job openings, who would join the former staffers of the blockchain startup Chainspace whom Facebook hired earlier this year.

The position on the hot plate now for finance program manager requires more than eight years of project management experience and some experience with blockchain tech. Planning, leading and executing projects in collaboration with other teams globally, developing business cases, ensuring sponsorship and getting stakeholders on board with those initiatives’ goals are the inclusions of responsibilities. In addition to that, the prospective program manager would enable effective communication with clients and shareholders, determine business roles and resources needed for projects, analyze potential risks and ensure the projects’ compliance with tax laws, the U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other regulations.

Facebook has caused much buzz in the span of a week, most from the news of its Libra projects and many concerned personnel have spoken up against and scrutinize, the project, however, the renowned social media is headstrong on its other activities amidst the rancor. With other prestigious companies like Uber, Lyft, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard on board it's Libra project, this project will cause much more waves than it already has when it is fully rolled out. Of course it will continue to lend more spotlight to the crypto and blockchain space.


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