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Effects of living in a technological world -Tech Zombies

Scientist thinks that one negative effect of living in a world full of technology is that more people experience FOMO, which is the fear of missing out, than those who lived in a pre-technology world. This is because you can always see what your friends are up to, or even what celebrities are doing on any given night or day. Having access to this info at your fingertips makes it easy to think you're missing out and not where you should be at the moment. 


Also, One of the biggest effects of living in a technological world is the unfortunate issue of having your entire day start by being affected by the world news, markets, and other people's lives on social media. A way to combat that negative, is to keep your phone on airplane mode until you've gotten up and done a morning routine. I find this very effective so that when I do turn on my internet, I am able to enjoy the awesome connectedness, without it dictating the tone of my day.


Communication experts think that Technology creating long term negative effects,  as people are becoming terrible communicators and lacking social skills.

Gia is a speech pathologist, author and trainer, who has seen some of the dark sides of tech with her kids. She and her husband saw their kids get hooked on their iPad and smartphones. They were so hooked that they had 
limited speech and communication skills. They looked downward and basically stopped responding to questions and participating in conversations with Gia and her husband. In effect, they were becoming Tech Zombies. 

In conversations with CEOs and corporate executives, Gia found that many complained that younger workers also lacked communication skills. There were raised and hooked on their devices but lacked social skills. The executives worried where the future leaders of their companies would come from. 

Gia has decided to do something about this. She wrote a book called The Magnificent Melvin & Moxie about her struggles with the kids and technology and how she figured out ways to help wean them off their devices and get better at communication. 

Gia has also developed a small firm she calls Learn With Moxie to help schools and teachers deal with the tech addiction problem. She has created some modules and classes to help teachers and parents deal with the problem. 
These classes are based on the success she and her husband had got her kids back on the right track to become better at communicating with the family, friends and at school. 

Gia has studied this problem for several years and has loads of statistics on how kids are spending too much time with their devices, and what parents, teachers and corporate executives can do about it. She is a great expert on this topic. 


This article will help you on how to stop a child from becoming a 'Tech Zombie'



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