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Cryptocurrency Literacy tour for universities launched in Nigeria by Luno

The university is fertile soil to plant this sort of ‘tech seeds’ as it will catch the right potential in the form of students who are sharp and willing to apply beneficial and rare knowledge. Luno has started its cryptocurrency adoption program for Nigerian universities and it is promising so far. The program, Cryptocurrency Literacy Tour for Universities started out with the University of Lagos, in Nigeria. The debut of the tour had about 300 youths in attendance from said University. This is gladly the first of more to come; the company intends to advocate for the favorable adoption of cryptocurrency through knowledge in 6 Nigerian universities.

Luno was founded in 2013 and the exchange was set up by a BSc graduate from the University of Cape Town, Timothy Stranex. He started off his career as a software engineer at Google in Switzerland and worked on Google Maps for his 4 years stay in the company. The company established its operations in Cape Town to accommodate one of its earliest clients and has since sprung forth. Now Luno is largely known as a bitcoin-related company headquartered in London that facilitates bitcoin storage and exchange between traditional currencies and bitcoin and other transactions through their bitcoin wallet service.

With Nigeria as the biggest market among its almost 3million registered users, it is hardly a surprise that the company is giving back with a well needed ‘knowledge tour’ of cryptocurrency and other relations. This and the addition of being based on an African root start off could be the drive behind starting in Africa. Also, the representative for this initiative of Luno has pointed out possible misconceptions about cryptocurrencies, concerning its acquisition, use and other dealings that should be cleared up through this educational tour.

Owenize Odia, the Country Manager for Luno spoke on this new move by the company “We are committed to educating our customers given the nature of the market and the tendency for people to fall into the wrong hands while online, We are contributing by investing heavily into our Luno Learning Portal, which helps the public, the media, and other stakeholders educate themselves about the facts, opportunities, and risks in the cryptocurrency market,”

More education on cryptocurrency is important, being as it is a profitable and easy means of dealing with business in life and has created a lot of buzzes worldwide. The young ones need guided information of the dealings in the crypto space and how to go the right way without misusing or underestimating the technological capabilities of this new age.


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