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Steemit throws shade at facebook calling themselves 'the only REAL social blockchain'

A social media platform based on blockchain, Steemit has ousted that the Libra crypto does not threaten them; via a Youtube Video posted by Andrew Levine, the Steemit Head of Communication. Andrew pointed out in the footage that the creation of Facebook's Libra puts their three-year-old Steemit social blockchain on a pedestal.

They addressed their, over one million users and the public in a tweet from their official handle; the company referred to itself as the “REAL” social blockchain being the first ever of that kind to exist.  The company also hinted that borne from fear of the disruptive power of the technology, Facebook's made the move to get onto the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Steemit is a private firm based in New York City and was created by Daniel Larimer in 2016; they reward users with the steemit cryptocurrency for publishing and curating contents. The tweet reads:

"Congress is calling for a moratorium on @Facebook's #cryptocurrency. If you'd like to learn more about the only REAL social blockchain, check out this video feat. #Steemit's Head of Communications @andrarchy — steemit (@steemit) July 9, 2019"

In speaking on the whole Facebook Libra, Andrew said “…because a company as rich as Facebook is afraid of the disruptive potential of this technology that is why they are trying to figure out how to use, not to benefit ordinary people like you are me but themselves, their bottomline and few other massive corporations. But we believe in people that is, we believe in decentralization, we believe in people will see what Facebook is doing and what we are doing and come to the right conclusion about the type of future that you want to be part of.”

He compared the social media giant's Libra to the Steemit cryptocurrency, pointing out that Steem cryptocurrency is fast and feeless while the Libra will feature fee charges. Added to that he said the Steem cryptocurrency is one that promotes freedom, privacy etc as opposed to the Libra, a centralized cryptocurrency which will be controlled by massive corporation.


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