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Ethereum-Based ConsenSys Space Drops Asteroid Mining for Tracking Satellites via DLT App.

In their bid to track satellites using data from amateur scientists, Ethereum-linked ConsenSys subsidiary gives up asteroid mining to start using ETH-based dapp.

ConsenSys, a subsidiary of Ethereum’s software maker ConsenSys Space, has decided to switch from asteroid mining to working with space a little closer to Earth.

To monitor orbits of satellites via an Ethereum-based application called  TruSat  , an app launched by ConsenSys Space as reported by Greekwire.

ConsenSys Space teams up with Astronautical Congress

ConsenSys Space has partnered with Astronautical Congress located in Washington to produce and launch the Ethereum-based open source TruSat app, as the can join up to  plan how to monitor satellites in the low orbit of the Earth.

To achieve this project of building the app and to start using it as well,  ConsenSys Space also works with several organizations, such as the Secure World Foundation and the Society of Women in Space Exploration.

A space expert from University of Texas, Moriba Jah, also participates in it. The Ethereum network is going to be an essential component of it. Key members of the project had stated.

The key function of  TruSat.

Data submitted by amateur space observers in various corners of the world will be collected by TruSat, to  analyse it and come up with more precise data regarding the various satellites rotating around the planet.

However, the data is expected to come from people whose are into astronomy and who will agree to share their observations too.

Ethereum will be largely used when dealing with data on satellites as stated by One of TruSat founders, Chris Lewicki, a former CEO at Planetary Resources, now taken over by

ConsenSys Space, added that  TruSat is currently in beta trials from his personal point of view.

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