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Crptocurrencies that you should have this 2019


When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there are a bunch of different ones to choose from. However, the original, and one of the most popular is Bitcoin. It was started just over ten years ago, and it is a decentralized digital currency. Using Bitcoin will help you stay in the cryptocurrency game, and it’s also accepted by some major retailers such as Microsoft and Overstock. 

List of beneficial crytpocurrencies that you shouldn't overlook this 2019:

1.   Bitcoin

2.   Ethereum

3.   Electra ( A lot of invested are planning to invest heavenly on Electra(ECA) this 2019)

4.   Reddcoin

5.   Eos

6.   Litecoin

7.   BSV

For those of us who don't understand how BSV came about.

The original design of Bitcoin lives only in the form of Bitcoin SV [BSV], which restores the Satoshi Vision of Bitcoin's mysterious founder Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain project with the capability to become a global data ledger, and that will help entrepreneurs unlock the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

First, Bitcoin SV has a massive on-scaling plan. Other cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms (such as Ethereum) have run into scaling problems. For example, when a single game Cryptokitties became popular on Ethereum, it congested and significantly slowed down the network for a period of time. Entrepreneurs, and even more, big enterprises, need a platform that can scale big and handle significant transaction volume. Bitcoin SV has the plan for much bigger blocks, to gigabyte and one day terabyte (1 million megabytes) size blocks, to process billions of transactions every 10 minutes. 

Second, Bitcoin SV combines the power of payments and data. In addition to sending payments (using Bitcoin as currency), the BSV blockchain allows users to natively embed significant data into Bitcoin transactions. This combination enables BSV to become the world's new global data carrier and transmission network, in addition to being a payment network - it's like combining the Bitcoin blockchain (payments) with the Internet (data and content transmission). It opens up the door to new business models where companies can combine Bitcoin micropayments with storage, transmission or access to data and content. 

Third, BSV promises to keep a stable protocol (using the Bitcoin's original protocol). This is very valuable for entrepreneurs so they do not have to keep modifying their applications - or even worse, see their project become unusable - whenever a cryptocurrency developer group wants to change the protocol - which is happening often on other blockchain projects. 

All of these BSV attributes enables powerful uses for businesses, both start-ups and big enterprises. A massively-scaled BSV blockchain can be used for tokens, smart contracts, management of Internet of Things devices through the blockchain, and many more uses. We're already seeing efforts on Bitcoin SV for data file storage (think DropBox on the BSV blockchain), social media services (think Twitter on BSV); and online games on BSV (think Twitch on BSV). BSV unlocks endless possibilities for 
entrepreneurs wanting to build transformative new cryptocurrency and blockchain ventures. 

Just like the world operates on a single Internet, we believe the world will operate on a single global public blockchain, and that will be Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin SV will one day subsume the Internet, and allow companies to operate their Internet websites and applications through the BSV blockchain. Therefore, if entrepreneurs build a venture BSV now, they will gain the advantage of staking out territory early on what we expect to become the dominant global cryptocurrency and single global public blockchain. Given BSV's current market price, there is massive upside to getting into BSV now. 



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