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2 months ago

BitHub Africa launches an Analysis Tool for Crypto and Blockchain Projects.

Bithub Africa is a Kenyan based blockchain accelerator with a belief that Blockchain Solutions will make significant contributions in re-thinking and improving existing Traditional structures in various areas; with a focus on driving Financial and Energy access across Africa.

They have announced a machine learning application, CoinTest AI intended for analyzing technical fundamentals of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects that are open-source. This tool is expected to help blockchain users, investors, analysts & enthusiasts through quantitative analysis of productivity data that would enable them to make better decisions on what platforms to support. Presently, CoinTest is ranked in the top 100 cryptocurrency projects based on productivity.

The CEO of BitHub Africa, John Karanja, said in a recent interview:

“The cryptocurrency market globally and particularly us in Africa have suffered from a lack of information on the performance of cryptocurrency and blockchain from an engineering standpoint. This has led to a huge loss of money from speculative investments made into hyped projects as well as sophisticated scams that have entered the market. ”

In other to cover a wide scope of projects including distributed applications(Dapps), CoinTest AI will be updated.


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