Technology today: a scourge or blessing?


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Technology in this 21st century has revolutionalized they our way of life and how we run businesses. But nevertheless, from the coinratecap viewpoint, technology is like a coin that has two sides; it solves a lot of problems but at the same time if overused may have its effect depending on personality and the way we perceive it.

We have gathered views on how technology today can be a blessing or a scourge.

Hello, my name is Victoria Parham, an over 50 African American female and Mom who uses technology today for many aspects of my everyday life, for example: 
Samsung Note 8 - used to keep me on schedule via the Google Calendar 
alarm clock at 5am used 90% of the time to communicate with family, friends, clients, and 
vendors used to monitor all connected home appliances used 99% of time for all social media management used 99% of time for online shopping, shipping, and tracking of outgoing and incoming mail and packages used 99% of time for entertainment - reading fav ebooks, music, games, and movies used 99% to stay connected to world news 

For me, I consider it a blessing because I understand that it helps to manage my life and is NOT my life - I do engage, travel, and have a life outside of technology. 


Tech today is often NOT a blessing that is a fact! Look no further than Smart Tech Abuse which is on the rise. Overall the use of technology by predators continues to outpace laws, law enforcement and victim resources. Prior to becoming an attorney I experienced cyberstalking and stalking that is what has led me to become an advocate and expert on the subject. As there remains little one can do to prevent cybercrime and cyber abuse (cyber abuse conduct which is not yet labelled as cybercrime or labelled at all). 

Worse even cyber stalking laws are eroding and may disappear all together. As the WA state federal court ruling making state law unconstitutional citing 1st amendment violations should sound the alarm bells for all of us that one will need Moore than a lawyer in the cyber age! WA state cyber stalking law was the 1st in the US and the most comprehensive in the country - it served to be the catalyst for most state laws in the US today in fact. So this court ruling should sound the alarm bells for all officials, advocates and the public the predators now more than ever have the advantage! 

The public must continue to be leery about being the 1st to introduce new technology into their homes, workplace and schools! There are many benefits but also many risks. 

Alexis Moore Cyber

stalking Expert & Risk Management Consultant



According to me, technology today is not just a blessing, but a very big blessing. 

My dad once told me that he used to write notes and leave them on specific thorn trees for his friends to read and know where the party would be held. If it rained before the friends got to the thorn tree, obviously, they 
never showed up at the party, simply because they never got the message. 

He doesn't leave notes on the thorn tree anymore. The reason is obvious. He now has a smart phone with a twitter account. All that he has to do is to tweet his friends from the comfort of his living room, and they all get the information within seconds. 
Indeed, technology is a blessing. 

Wycliffe Ouko, 
Content writer at MyEssayDoc


Technology Today: I believe it to be a blessing overall. 

As with all things though, it depends on how technology is being used. Are we talking about medical technology that is saving lives or about the increase in automobile accidents caused by texting while driving? 

Perhaps the unprecedented access to information is good, but the lack of interpersonal communication skills seemingly caused by smart phones is bad. 

Todd Hurst 
Real Estate Investor


In our case, technology is mostly a blessing; however, with any new technology, there can also be a negative effect. For instance, we have access to information now that we did not before as private investigators, but we cannot always use it or access it by the laws, rules and regulations that surround our industry.

 For instance, there are tracking capabilities that would allow us to track an individual anywhere in the world, but the private investigative act and PIPEDA do not allow us to track subjects with technology.

In other situations, we are blessed by this. For our industry specifically, cameras have come a very long way, and the quality is getting better and better while cameras get smaller and smaller. It depends on the case, but more often than not we are blessed and happy with technology growing. 

Cara Corbett 

Jr. Digital Marketing Specialist 


Technology today has immeasurable power. However, with this great power comes great responsibility. If you were to have asked Mark Zuckerberg a few years ago if Facebook would be responsible for influencing a presidential campaign, it's unlikely he could have ever imagined such a scenario. 

The power these new technological advances have on society can bring with them an abundant amount of good to society, but also have the ability to cause incomprehensible damage. This is all before taking the rise of A.I. 
into account, which will most likely bring with it singularity, or a jump so fast and large in technological advancement that it will appear to all have happened in a single moment. 

The speed at which legislation comes into effect will not help to implement safeguards once this technological boom begins, so it will be up to the industry itself to self-regulate. Unfortunately, self-regulation within the industry has historically never been effective. I'm skeptical of technology, its ability to be a scourge today vastly outweighs the propensity it has to be a blessing, but only time will tell. 

Maple Holistics 


Technology in this new-age digital world is necessary and a blessing. It can connect people who would otherwise never be able to communicate and share information, and it can spread good news, as well as bad news that the public needs to hear in order to create a better future.

However, all electronic devices emit a low-energy, radio frequency form of radiation, called electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. Thirty years ago, using these devices was not dangerous, because of the infrequency of use. Now, with so much technology being used everywhere all the time, there is electro smog consistently surrounding us all, a pollutant that has been shown to have damaging biological effects on our bodies. With 5G entering the picture soon, this electro smog will just increase, until we cannot escape it, even in our own homes. 

So while technology is a blessing, making sure to use technology in moderation, distancing ourselves from devices when we are not using them, and using radiation-blocking shields 
on our devices can help mitigate the negative effects too much EMF radiation can have on our bodies. 

Michelle Klein

 Marketing Manager


As a social worker, therapist, activist and observer who specializes in problematic Internet and technology use I say it is both. I’d be happy to discuss my experiences and observations in some depth but in the meantime here’s my stream of thought: 

-Technology allows access to education, information, learning, medical care, personal connection etc. and many other advantages that would never otherwise be found for people who neither have the financial resources, the physical stamina or live in rural areas for example, that don’t allow for easy access. 

-By contrast the intensity of social comparison as driven by our tech use and social media in particular, the ease of access to tech which allows us to escape and distracts us from our relationships and face to face contact, endless professional demands which have all but destroyed work life balance, the addictive powers of gaming, the appification of our lives, and constant interruptions are definitely of great concern. 
- Looking ahead, I fear that when virtual reality goggles become more main stream many of these problems will intensify. However, so might the positives elements. There are so many but how about the ability to virtually visit Paris from a hospital bed or a school in rural Alaska. When there likely is no chance you could every actually go this can be is priceless and the examples are innumerable.
We are changing as a order to survive we must create patterns of sustainable use and recognize that the answer to your question starts with it depends on how we use tech and how dependent we allow ourselves to become. 

Nadja Streiter, LMSW 
The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction


In the Smartphone world, technology continues to bring us powerful, exciting, and useful innovations; from global communication to health care and education, it's been a blessing. But since it's also something you can't opt out of 100%, it can feel like a burden. Making technology's omnipresent potential work for our individual needs is something we can all learn to do, or get someone to do for us (ironically, there are many apps for this). We recommend you find a tech-savvy teacher (our technicians at Mobile Klinik love to show customers the ins and outs of their phone capabilities) to remove what you don't need and update what you do so when 
you feel like you're serving it instead of its serving you, you can take control and actually enjoy what technology brings you. 

Alex Belanger 

Digital PR Coordinator


Technology today can be both a scourge and a blessing. When it makes more work for users, or adds stress to their life, technology is a scourge. But when it makes life easier, it can be a blessing.

One technology that I see as a blessing is texting. It’s common to hear people arguing that text has destroyed communication, but I believe it’s enhanced it, making it easier and more convenient for people to interact. 
People can easily make plans or check in with friends or family anywhere¬†and anytime, even if they don‚Äôt have the time for a long conversation ‚ÄĒ¬†
something that wasn’t possible before.

David Lessem




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