The preferable cryptocurrency exchange platform


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The cryptology platform got designed as a simpler alternative for all kinds of traders. Thanks to its incredible services, the site is among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges globally. Customers can access it on PCs or iOS and Android mobile devices.

The best cryptocurrency exchange for all types of traders

Cryptocurrency is an ever-growing sector that keeps attracting more people globally. As a result, traders can make high profits, but only if they use a legit trading platform.

As the business grows, the number of fake trading services increases. Most people, especially beginners, can find themselves on scammer websites if they are not careful when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange.

Luckily, there are several ways to confirm if a platform is reliable before joining. First, researchers have analyzed all the available exchanges and recommended the best ones. Besides that, traders can read previous customers' reviews before registering at platforms.

One of the platforms with high ratings is Cryptology. The company has been active since 2018, and there have never been any complaints. The trading service can get accessed by anyone around the globe except residents of Japan and the US.

The things that make the trading platform worth using are varied payment methods, low fees, and an excellent support system. Read this article up to the last part to know the website in detail.

The instant exchange cryptocurrency platform in 2021

The company running the leading crypto exchange is in Seychelles. The designers ensured to come up with an easy-to-use interface that even starters can understand without getting help.

In case of any challenges, customers can contact the support team, which resolves issues promptly.

The global trading service gets accessed in various languages. They include:












The open source cryptocurrency exchange registration and verification

Every new member on the trading platform must open an account. There is a signup form where you enter your name, email ID, and password. The website sends a confirmation email upon registering.

The registration activity does not end there. Users have to undergo verification. The site won’t allow you access its features if you are not verified.

There is primary and complete verification, and each of them has some benefits.

· Basic

Customers provide their name, proof of identity, and a picture with their identification.

Passing the verification level lets you deposit at most $10,000.

· Full

Passing the full verification level allows customers to deposit any amount of money because there is no limit.

The requirements for getting verified are your name, address, and the issuer.

Top features at the reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform

The crypto platform offers credible and reliable features.

  •  Buy crypto

Customers use the feature to acquire and sell cryptocurrency against Euros, dollars, and rubbles.

The supported currencies are:








The conversions below are possible:

· Bitcoin to Tether.

· Tether to Bitcoin.

The platform is also likely to add more cryptocurrencies.

  • Exchange service

The platform has a great design and a user-friendly interface. The site comprises the following:

· Trading pairs.

· Market charts.

· Tools for analyzing.

Customers trade cryptocurrency against fiat and stable coins through the following:

· Limits.

· Market orders.

· Top-limit.

The trading company supports the following pairs:






















  • Futures

Traders can place perpetual trades with 100x leverage on the future's platform. You may go for isolated positions or cross-margins.

Thanks to risk mitigation processes that lower the danger of high volatility states, the futures trades are safe.

The trading company additionally has put aside an insurance fund and the auto-deleveraging systems to maintain stakeholders’ interests.

  • Earn

The unique feature came up recently to allow traders to earn up to 15% annual interest. The service is for every user except people from Malta, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

Customers can lock their deposits for the following periods:

       Thirty days.

       Sixty days.

       Ninety days.

You can expect an improved annual interest rate if you stake CRO.

The unique Earn feature allows customers to profit from the following:






What people get from the Earn feature cannot get compared with what banks around the world offer. Expect to receive payments in the same currency you use to make a deposit.

The feature has the total earning part where people can monitor their interest.


Easy entry and affordable charges at the best cryptocurrency coin exchange


The people behind the leading cryptocurrency exchange know what users will love. What most traders want is a simple service with helpful features. So, they ensured to offers precisely that and more benefits which include:

· A low order size of $0.10.

· Manageable trading fees and commissions. People only pay 0.002.

· There are no charges on rollover and overnight futures.

· The fiat and cryptocurrency transactions fees are not high.

The cash cryptocurrency exchange transactions

You cannot access an exchange site without depositing money. Also, when you profit, you must withdraw your earnings.

However, the platform eases the process of performing transactions by offering flexible options.

Deposit methods:



       EUR SEPA.

       Deposit Express.


       Wire transfer.

       Cryptos such as TRC20, ERC20, and USDT.

Withdrawal methods

Withdrawals can happen through featured cryptos apart from BCH. The other options customers can use is wire transfer, but they have to be verified, account owners.

Depositing via wire transfer costs nothing while withdrawing costs some fee. All the supported payment services are not complicated. New users will never have challenges trading on the platform.

Security and support at your own cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency is an industry that faces cyberattacks and hacks. The leading exchange does everything possible to keep both the platform and the users safe.

The site achieves that through the following:

· Two-factor authentication: The site uses the measure to prevent third parties from accessing people’s accounts. The procedure also protects activities withdrawals and password changes.

· SSL: The encryption technique protects the database. It can identify and fix any issues on the website.

The trading company has a support system as well. However, it is possible to encounter challenges even if the site is straightforward. So, when you have a question or need help in making transactions or doing other activities on the website, you can contact a representative.

The support team comprises knowledgeable and friendly individuals that respond to clients promptly. You can access them using email or the ticket system.

The site additionally has an FAQ section. So, customers may not need to contact support agents all the time. Instead, they can find answers to some of the questions they may have in the FAQ section.


There is so much information to prove that cryptocurrency exchange is suitable for all kinds of traders. The designers prioritized simplicity, there are helpful features, safety gets guaranteed, and the support system is excellent. The only drawback is that the service cannot get accessed by the US and Japanese residents. However, everything else makes the platform ideal for anyone interested in trading crypto.

Also, the platform supports many languages, and you can access it on the go using a mobile device.



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