What is Bitcoin Core Wallet, and how to use it?


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Bitcoin core wallet is the official Bitcoin wallet. It works directly in the network of Bitcoin. It is an easy and beneficial tool for those who hold this cryptocurrency. This software runs the complete Bitcoin blockchain and contains a digital wallet for transacting as well as storing Bitcoins.

Anybody who uses this wallet can help to the decentralized network of Bitcoin by confirming contacts on the BTC blockchain. Furthermore, it is among those places in which you can keep your assets safe.

Developer Satoshi Nakamoto creates Bitcoin Core wallet in 2009. The Bitcoin Core client was made for transaction confirmation turning computers of users into network nodes.

What type of wallet is Bitcoin Core?

  • ·         It is a hot wallet
  • ·         Deterministic
  • ·         Directly associated with complete Bitcoin network node

Cryptocurrencies that Bitcoin Core support

Bitcoin only

What charges does the Bitcoin Core wallet take?

Yet, the Bitcoin Core wallet does not have charges for downloading the software. You need to incur some charges while using it. These contain:

·         Transaction charges – You can fix your own charges by using a sliding scale.

·         Bandwidth (data)

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Core Wallet

In this segment, each side of this wallet will be discussed, along with a complete explanation. The objective is to make a wise decision on the wallet and additionally, is it the right wallet you search for:


01.  Open Source

All Bitcoin Core customers can contribute to the software by exploring it and coming up with new ideas for development or even introducing new features.

02.  Full Node

It is the safest node type. In this way, you will be always up to date what is going on in the network.  

03.  Hierarchical Deterministic

The Bitcoin core wallet automatically creates keys on your behalf. The tree of keys is accessible through a phrase with 12 or 24 words depending on that seed

04.  Support Desk 

The public is active; therefore, you can get satisfactory answers of all questions asked


·         Single Factor Authentication (SFA)

·         No extra protection layer

·         Bigger System Requirements

·         It downloads the full blockchain as a full node. For now, it means that you require 200 GB free disk space


Compatibility of Bitcoin Core wallet

Bitcoin Core is now compatible with:

·         Windows

·         Mac OS X

·         Linux

·         Ubuntu

·         ARM Linux

How to use Bitcoin Core Wallet?

First of all, you have to understand how to open your Bitcoin Core wallet. You should keep a few things in your mind to make sure the procedure goes smoothly. To run the Bitcoin Core Wallet, here is what you need:

·         Around 140GB of hard disk space is required to hold the whole Bitcoin blockchain and make a room for upcoming transactions which will require storage space

·         An internet connection having unlimited bandwidth traffic

·         USB sticks for your wallet back up

·         A clean computer to confirm security for the wallet.

·         Lots of patience

How to open a Bitcoin Core Wallet?

1.      You need to download the Bitcoin Core wallet first from https://bitcoin.org/en/bitcoin-core/ and install the software.

2.      Start this software:

This step initiates downloading of the transaction history, which is above 100GB at this time. The time it needs to complete the procedure will rely on the internet speed and the speed of your computer.

3.      When the download is complete, then click on “Settings” and after that, go to “Encrypt Wallet” and set your password.

4.      Then, automatically let your software shut down

5.      When the shutdown procedure is complete, turn on the client again.

Now, your wallet will need the password when your login. Nobody can access your wallet without knowing the password. Therefore, keep your computer clean always by using anti-malware scanning.

6.      Go to “File” and then click on “Backup Wallet”. After that, select the destination where you want to save the backup.

7.      Also, backup your private key while clicking on Help>Debug Window>Console.

You can move Bitcoins from your wallet by using a private key. You need to backup your private key on paper similar to the password and then click on the “x” at the upper right corner for clearing the console. Now, your Bitcoin Core wallet is ready to use.



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